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We offer an outstanding service in obtaining a reseal of a grant of probate or Letters of Administration from a country outside of Australia. We regularly act for solicitors from the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia and elsewhere. Fees are from $880.00.

When is a Reseal Required?

 A person may live in one country but leave assets in Australia such as shares, money in a bank account or a property.

In this situation , it may be necessary to obtain a re-seal of the Grant of Probate from that country in Australia. This simply means that the ‘foreign grant’ is formally recognised (i.e. re-sealed) by a probate registry in Australia.

If the deceased died in “one of her Majesty’s Dominions” this is usually a straight forward procedure. Additionally,  A list of countries that fall within that definition can be found at:

Also, If the deceased was domiciled in a country that is not one of her Majesty’s Dominions , hence, it will be necessary to make a fresh application for probate.

Furthermore, we have a dedicated international probate team that assists clients from outside Australia with Probate in Australia. In addition , We regularly assist foreign lawyers and executors with Probate Reseal applications from countries such as Ireland, China, United Kingdom, Malaysia, New Zealand, Ukraine and South Africa and more.

Above all, It is important to note that each state in Australia has its own probate jurisdiction and different rules apply in each State to obtain a ‘re-seal’ of a Grant of Probate. Moreover ,  A re-seal of probate needs to happen in the State where the property is held. In the case of shares for example, the shares are held in the State or Territory in which the share registry is located. Lastly, for bank accounts, it is the State or Territory in which the account was opened.

Need Probate Help to Release Australian Assets?

Need Probate Help to Release Australian Assets?
Probate reseal applications
Obtaining of grants of probate or Letters of Administration in Australia
Release of Australian assets eg. bank accounts, share transfers etc

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